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The recordings below were from some old tapes we had lying around. These MP3's are for learning purposes. They are the main hymns from the Resurrectional Vespers and Orthros in all eight tones in Greek. By listening to these recordings repeatedly, you can learn both the heirmological and sticheraric modes of each Byzantine tone, and memorize several model melodies. I provide these as a service for those who want to learn the tones in order to be able to apply them to printed texts, even in English. File sizes are from 8MB to 14MB.














First Tone - Part 1
First Tone - Part 2
Second Tone - Part 1
Second Tone - Part 2
Third Tone - Part 1
Third Tone - Part 2
Fourth Tone - Part 1
Fourth Tone - Part 2
Plagal First Tone - Part 1
Plagal First Tone - Part 2
Plagal Second Tone - Part 1
Plagal Second Tone - Part 2
Grave Tone - Part 1
Grave Tone - Part 2
Plagal Fourth Tone - Part 1
Plagal Fourth Tone - Part 2