The hymnody of the Greek Orthodox Church has been handed down through
the ages in a complete form, consisting of thousands of texts that include
Psalms, prayers, praises, poems, sermons, and histories. The language of
these texts in their original Greek is of a very high literary quality containing
much poetic description, imagery, and power. These carefully constructed texts
are accompanied by a specifically-formulated musical system for their oral
expression by appointed chanters and choirs of the Church who lead the
congregation in hymn singing and responses. Today, these chanters and
choirs include both the formally trained and ordained, and musical volunteers
from the laity who may be untrained in the rubrics of Orthodox hymnody. For
these chanters and choirs with lesser training, this website offers resources,
educational essays, and all of the hymns in the Sunday Divine Liturgy and
other common hymns and services. The hymns are in Greek and English.
There are many English translations elsewhere, but many fail to transmit the
poetry and power of their Greek counterparts, nor are many metered properly
to the model melodies of the Church, which makes it impossible to chant them
in the prescribed manner. The English versions on this website try to correct
these problems and make the English as understandable, poetic, and easy to
convey as possible.