(Holy Friday Evening)

Metered English Translations by N. Takis
Edited by Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh

Lamentations (Enkomia) Pew Booklets

Lamentations Texts, letter-sized

Lamentations Music Book for Choirs or Chanters
in Greek and English

Lamentations Music Book with Third Stasis Harmonized

Lamentations Music, English Only, Byzantine melodies

Lamentations Music Book in English, Byzantine Notation

Lamentations Music Book in Greek and English,
Byzantine Notation
Note: The words of the 3rd Stasis are slightly changed from the versions above  
so that they are exactly metered to the Greek words.

Lamentations - Text with accented syllables highlighted

Another booklet with extra lamentations and
Psalm 118 verses interpolated, English

Other versions, including SATB music by
Roubanis and others, are available.
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or call or text (517) 980-3830.