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New Byzantium Publications

MIDI files of the English hymns for learning.


Preparation to chant the hymns of the Holy Week services is extremely important. As an aid in learning the melodies of the hymns, we offer these audio files that can be listened to as you read and sing through the scores. These MIDI files are computer-generated from the same scores you are reading. They are all in the same steady tempo and volume. There is no drone (ison) and the special tuning of Byzantine intervals are not depicted. They, of course, will not sound the same way you will chant the hymns in the services and should only be used to familiarize yourself with the melodic lines. It will be up to you to provide the correct tempo, mode, and style to each hymn. Please read thoroughly the introduction and instructions in the foreword of the hymnal.

Click on the links below to play or download the MIDI files of each service.


Palm Sunday Evening Bridegroom MIDI files

Holy Monday Evening Bridegroom MIDI files

Holy Tuesday Evening Bridegroom MIDI files

Holy Wednesday Evening Unction MIDI files

Holy Thursday Morning Liturgy MIDI files

Holy Thursday Evening 12 Gospels MIDI files

Great Friday Morning Hours MIDI

Great Friday Afternoon Vespers MIDI files

Great Friday Evening Lamentations MIDI files

Holy Saturday Morning Liturgy MIDI files


Holy Saturday Night Orthros MIDI files

Pascha Midnight Resurrection MIDI files

Pascha Sunday Afternoon Agape MIDI files