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2/18/2021 - In the Roubanis Greek Orthros books, an error was correccted in the Katavasia of The Publican and the Pharisee / Cheesefare. In the Megalynaria, the genre is supposed to be hard chromatic and was not marked so. That has been corrected and a key signature of a G# on the staff was added to indicate all G's should be changed to G# to achieve the hard chromatic scale.

2/15/2021 - The home page of was reformatted and updated.

8/2/2020 - Added the Greek folk song "O Spinos (The Little Finch)" in Greek and English

5/8/2020 - In the music for the Papadeas Holy Week book (the Black Book), in the Pascha Agape Vespers, the Aposticha have been corrected. A missing hymn was added and 3 misplaced hymns were removed.

In addition, there were some measures in the Roubanis Greek Katavasias of Pascha where the musical
lines were a little off. These were corrected, so the melodies, especially in the first ode, are exactly as Roubanis transcribed them.

4/11/2020 - Rearranged the home page. Reworked the Bridegroom servicce exapostelarion melody and made separate access links to it and the Bridegroom troparion on the Holy Week page. Added service texts in Greek and English to the Holy Week page.

3/24/2020 - All of the files of the Roubanis Greek Orthros book have been, corrected, improved and updated. See Orthros on the Services page.

2/8/2020 - Divine Liturgy, GOAA text, chant version: Corrected the key signature of the first page of the Plagal Second Cherubic hymn (also corrected in the harmony version); added 1st Tone Tou Dhipnou Sou/O Son of God, Receive me. Fixed some typos. Added MIDI files for rehearsal.

1/29/2020 - Added a melodic "Glory..." to the Praises of the Holy Tuuesday evening Bridegroom service, page 38 in the complete Holy Week Book, and page 11 in the Holy Tuesday evening booklet. Also added the Greek version of the Troparion of Kassiani to the Holy Week page.

12/20/2019 - There was a typo in the phonetics of the Pasa Pnoi of the Ainoi on the word "ουρανον" in all eight tones. I have corrected it in the book of the resurrectional hymns and the individual booklets.

11/20/2019 - Corrected the Greek language Apolytikion of St. Savas, DDecember 5. The four notes of the measure that contains the syllables "pres-ve-ve Chri-" were one-step too high.

11/19/2019 - Changed formatting of the Communion hymns to have both Greek and English versions on the same page.

11/18/2019 - Added the Foreword from the Roubanis Orthros book, translated into English by Fr. S. A. Dedes

11/13/2019 - In the Roubanis Orthros book, the Katavasias of the Proddigal Song, the Tone (Mode) was identified as Plagal Second, but it is actually Second Tone, so the designation was corrected.

11/11/2019 - In the Orthros Resurrectional Hymns, the Third Tone Kathisma 1b was accidentally holding the place where the Fourth Tone Kathisma 1a should have been. It's been corrected.

11/11/2019 - A correction was made to the Roubanis Orthros book in the Katavasias for the Last Judgement (Meatfare).

11/03/2019 - A correction was made to the link to the generic apolytikion for a male martyr

10/31/2019 - Name of "St. Lydia" was removed from list of Martyrs in the apolytikion of those martyrs celebrated in that generic hymn. This was an error due to a misreading of saints names. St. Lydia is celebrated on March 27, but her apolytikion is not chanted on Sundays.

10/26/2019 - Correction of misaligned Greek text on page 139 of Roubaanis Orthros Resurrectional Hymns in the Sunday Anastasimatarion, and also on page 11 of the Grave Tone Resurrectional Orthros hymns booklet.