Sunday Orthros Ordinary
The book contains the standard text and music in English (and some Greek) of the Sunday Resurrection Orthros service. It has
the parts of the Orthros which normally do not change from week
to week with explicit instructions on how to construct the service
based upon the tone of the week and the proper hymns of the
feast. The book serves not only as a practical resource for
chanting Sunday Orthros, but also as an Orthros instruction
manual. If this book is printed with two-sided sheets, make sure
the even-numbered pages are on the left and the odd-numbered
pages are on the right, like a standard printed book, so that
hymns can be inserted between the proper pages.

The Greek Anastasimatarion of Nicholas Roubanis
The proper hymns for Sunday Orthros in all eight tones, including Alleluia, Theos Kyrios, Apolytikia, Kathismata, Anavathmoi, Katavasias, Megalynaria, Exaposteliaria, Ainoi,
Eothina Doxastica, and Great Doloxogies, all in Greek and in staff notation. Hand-written 300-page book.

The katavasias of the Roubanis book computer engraved and typeset for easy reading.

Great Doxology, 1st Tone, English
Great Doxology, 3rd Tone, Greek and English
Great Doxology, Plagal 1st Tone, Sticheraric in Greek     
Great Doxology, Plagal 1st Tone, Sticheraric in English
Great Doxology in the Plagal Second Tone for Holy
Saturday (Friday night) Greek only
Great Doxology in the Plagal Fourth Tone in Greek and