The Holy Week book of J. Sakellarides
This is an old book that has all of the music for Holy Week in Greek and staff notation. Some of the hymns are transposed
and/or harmonized, but the melodic lines usable for chanting.

Troparion of the Bridegroom Service: Idhou o Nymfios /
Behold the Bridegroom
Exapostilarion of the Bridegroom service: Ton
nymphona Sou / I see Your bridal chamber
Troparion of Kassiane in English, by Nancy Takis, Plagal
Fourth Tone      MIDI
Simplified Short version of the Troparion of Kassiane in
Troparion of Kassiane in Greek, by John Sakellarides,
Plagal Fourth Tone
Mantzaros/Roubanis 4-part arrangement of the
Troparion of Kassiane in English
Thursday Divine Liturgy Cherubic Hymn - Tou Dhipnou
Sou / Recieve Me Today
Thursday Divine Liturgy Communion Hymn - Tou
Dhipnou Sou / Recieve Me Today
15th Antipohn of Holy Friday Orthros: Simeron Kremate,
Sakellarides version (Greek)
English version by Nancy Takis, Today is hung  MIDI
The Canon of Holy Saturday Orthros (Friday evening) in
Modern English - (Kimati thalassis)

(Friday Evening)
Lamentations (Engomia) Pew Booklets    
Lamentations Texts, letter-sized     
Lamentations Music Book for Choirs or Chanters
Lamentations Music Book in Byzantine Notation   
Lamentations Music Book with Third Stasis Harmonized
Lamentations Music, English Only, Byzantine melodies
Lamentations - Words only with musically-accented
syllables highlighted
Another booklet with extra lamentations and Psalm 118
verses interpolated, English
Great Doxology in the Plagal Second Tone, Sticheraric,
for Friday evening, Greek

Holy Saturday Divine Liturgy
Kyrie ekekraxa, First Tone     MIDI     
O Lord, I have cried out, First Tone     MIDI
Gospel Response of Holy Saturday, Anasta O
Theos/Arise, O Lord     MIDI
Cherubic Hymn: Sighisato pasa sarx vrotia / Let all
mortal flesh keep silent  GRK MIDI          ENG MIDI
Communion Hymn For Holy Saturday: Exigherthi o ipnon
/ The Lord was Awakened     MIDI
Post Communion Hymn for Holy Saturday: Mnisthiti
efspaghne / Remember us